Fort Knox Progressive Poker Jackpot

The iPoker network is known for offering some of the best online poker promotions for it’s players, and includes a few of the biggest names in online gaming like Bet365.

One of the fantastic poker promotions that SNG players really should take advantage of is The Fort Knox Jackpot, a six–player SNG, worth just $59. Breaking down the buy-in – $50 from each player’s buy-in reserved for the prize pool – then $5 in rake and $4 goes towards the progressive jackpot pool. This may seem a bit excessive, but this is to compensate for the progressive poker jackpot pool. The Fort Knox Jackpot starts at $50,000 and continually grows bigger each week until someone claims it!

As soon as six players have registered for the tournament, the game begins. To be eligible for the jackpot prize money, you must win six consecutive tournaments in a row, within a 14-day period. Do that and you will take home both the regular tournament winnings for winning each SNG as well as the Fort Knox Jackpot Prize!

The payout structure is as follows:

  • 1st place – $150
  • 2nd Place – $90
  • 3rd Place – $60

Six in a row equals

Win just six in a row for the $50000 Fort Knox Jackpot

You can play in one of these tournaments right now at any of these rooms

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As a way to reward the consistent SNG grinders that have been unlucky to just miss out on winning every tournament six times in a row, if you finish either first or second place in six consecutive “Fort Knox Jackpot Sit ‘N’ Go” tournaments, you’ll be eligible for a $750 consolation prize!

Once a player has claimed the grand prize, the prize in the promotion will automatically be reset to the $50,000 starting amount, although it’s not uncommon for the Fort Knox Jackpot to surpass $250,000 which no player has gone on a hot streak for some time.

This promotion on the iPoker network is available on all of the popular skins and is great for players that don’t necessarily have the time to play multi-table tournaments. Usually playing in the tournaments with bigger fields is a requirement when you want a chance at winning life changing money, but this promotion makes it possible to still do that while not needing the time to dedicate to MTT SNG’s.

Players start with 1000 in chips, with the blind levels going up every 7 minutes. In order to have any chance of winning the Fort Knox jackpot, first make sure that you at least make the money of each tournament; so be sensible with the starting chips in the early stages.

When it comes to the Fort Knox Jackpot SNG’s, they tend to run daily tournaments. Look in the game lobby under “Sit ‘N’ Go > Jackpot Sit ‘N’ Go” and then register in the tournament to take a seat.