iPoker is one of the most well known poker networks today. They host some of the most popular online poker rooms. The iPoker network may only be #3 overall, coming in after Bwin / Party. But when it comes to traffic, iPoker comes in first.

These are the rooms we work with at iPoker

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About the i Poker Software

The iPoker network boasts over 30 different casinos. They all utilize the Playtech software, which is well known for it’s safety and stability. There are a number of features to make it more enjoyable for players, though unfortunately it is not Mac compatible.

Poker Security:
The Playtech software has been tested and certified as safe and fair by a number of industry leading agencies. For example, they hold a certificate from TST (Technical Systems Testing). TST is an internationally recognized testing facility that audits online gaming operations to verify that they are fair and secure. A certificate from them proves the casino is auditable, respects industry standards and follows the laws in the jurisdiction in which they are accredited. Playtech also has a number of anti-fraud and anti-collusion tools in place to further ensure security. In addition, your personal financial history is saved for the last three months which gives both the player and customer support plenty of information to solve any questions or concerns.

i Poker Play ability:
Even though the iPoker network casinos all feature the Playtech software, this does not mean they are identical. Every casino has a different feel, with different graphics. However, there are similarities in the casinos in the iPoker networks, especially including the statistics information available.

iPoker Features:
The Playtech software offers a great hand history tools and statistics. It is compatible with Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker 3 for players who want more in depth statistics. There is also a Buddy List feature, as well as a great search function that not only allows players to pinpoint their favorite game types, but searching for a specific player as well. Despite being unable to resize the playing window, there is an excellent full-screen viewing mode that makes it simple to multi-table. Players can even multi-task, with side games. This allows players to enjoy slot machines, blackjack, or even video poker while sitting at a table.

iPoker Network Traffic

Unfortunately, as they are a publicly traded company after UIGEA, they no longer accept US players. This means the entire iPoker network does not welcome US players. This, however, has not diminished their standing in the world of online Poker as iPoker is currently ranked #1 in traffic.

Traffic is concentrated around the Texas Hold’em tables, both No Limit and Fixed Limit. Peak hours has a very wide variety in traffic, especially during other games. No matter the time, the low and mid buy-in Tournaments have the best traffic.

iPoker Player Competition

While the iPoker network doesn’t have the lowest levels of competition, there certainly is a large pool of fish here. It is not unusual to see 12,000 players in the cash games, and another 20,000 players As many of the casinos not only offer poker, but other gambling options, a large number of players who come to the tables are new players or just casual players. The No Limit tables seems to attract the most fish, while the higher stake tables has a little more skilled competition. While iPoker’s competition is soft, it isn’t the loosest on the web but just check out this banner from one of the rooms : )

Golden Palace awesome Banner

Games Offered at iPoker Rooms

Most online poker rooms focus on Texas Hold Em, especially when situated on a casino style site that offers many different gambling options, as the new or casual players tend to prefer simple games they are already comfortable playing. The popularity of Hold Em ensures that no matter where you go, the tables will be full of people ready to play. The games offered by the iPoker network casinos include Texas Hold Em, Omaha, and Stud Poker. All of the most common variations are offered, including No Limit, Pot Limit, and Fixed Limit. The stakes on the cash games start as low as $.01/$.02. There are also more exotic card games sometimes offered, such as 13 Card Poker, Big 2, and Beat the Landlord.

Poker Tournaments:
With the great variety of games offered, it is no surprise that iPoker rooms offer a great variety of tournament options. Besides the standard Heads Up and Sit and Go, there are also Freezeouts, Add-on and Rebuy. There are also regular generous guaranteed tournaments. On top of this there are multiple betting types, a wide variety of stakes, large cash prizes and rewards available. Of course, there are also numerous freerolls, which are great to attract new players, allowing them to build their bank rolls affordably.

Poker Sit and Gos:
iPoker is known for great Sit and Go tournaments, which ensures great traffic and selection. The variety is fantastic, as well as a great selection of buy-in amounts which start as low as $1 and range as high as $5,000. Players can choose from tables with as few as 2 hands up to as many as 10 hands. There are also 2 table Sit and Gos that can have as many as 20 players.

Progressive Poker Jackpot Sit and Go Tournaments:
On top of their great selection in tournaments, iPoker has a few special jackpots to encourage players to enjoy their Sit and Go tournaments.

All players have to do is win certain Sit and Gos a set number of times and they will automatically be credited a bonus jackpot! The tournaments include:

  • Dirty Dozen: winning 4 consecutive $2 + $0.40 – 12 seat Sit and Gos pays $2,000
  • Maui: winning 5 consecutive $5 + $1 – 10 seat Sit and Gos pays $15,000
  • Rio: winning 6 consecutive $20 + $3.50 – 6 seat Sit and Gos pays $25,000
  • Fort Knox: winning 6 consecutive $50 + $9 – 6 seat Sit and Gos pays $50,000
  • 50k Craze: winning 3 consecutive $10 + $2 – 18 player (3 tables of 6 max) Sit and Gos pays $50,000

You can play in one of these tournaments right now at any of these rooms

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iPoker VIP Programs

Unfortunately, iPoker has a policy against rakeback. However many of the iPoker rooms do have their own VIP programs and bonuses available. At times these bonuses pay more than some rakeback programs!

iPoker Customer Service and Support

The best way for any player to have success playing online is to do the research themselves. Support staff can be very knowledgeable and polite, however there are many affiliate deals, and many bonus codes that they may not be aware of all the stipulations. However, iPoker has a number of tools to ensure that players get the most enjoyment for their time.

  • A detailed and easy to navigate FAQ
  • 24/7 dedicated customer service team with choice between phone, email, fax, and live chat
  • knowledgeable and friendly support staff

In the end, iPoker casinos have succeeded because of their ability to make their customers happy. They are number 1 in traffic because their players are loyal, and for good reason. Players can’t ask for more than a safe, secure, fair and relaxing place to play with generous bonuses and great selection.