Question and Answers about Rakeback – Rakeback FAQ

I have compiled a list of answers to questions most new rakeback poker players (and many existing rakeback players) have about rake back. The following rakeback information will clear up specific and general details about getting rakeback.

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What is rake?

Rake is the “tax” a poker room assesses from each pot in a cash game on their poker site. The “tax” the poker room assesses to each pot is a fee that is called rake. Collecting rake is commonplace in both live and online poker play and is unavoidable in ensuring the host poker site will be compensated for hosting the poker game on their site.

What is rakeback?

Rakeback is the process in receiving a rebate or return on the “tax” levied by an online poker room. When a player signs up for rake back through

What is “Total Rake” or “Net Revenue”?

Whether listed as total rake, net revenue, or any other fancy name – these totals detail the whole amount you – as a poker player have paid in “rake tax” throughout the month. You can expect Rakeback FAQ to pay you a set percentage of net revenue generated from your poker play.

What is a Rakeback Provider?

Rakeback providers are the websites and companies set up to ensure poker players are compensated for their poker activity. A rakeback provider serves as an in-between, where they track rake information from the poker room, relay the updated rake information to the player, and finally ensure the player is paid a correct amount for rake activity in a timely manner. I provide rakeback and have been doing do for years.

How can a poker player get rakeback through i Poker Bonus?

In order to receive rakeback with my help, simply find the room and offer you are looking for and use our special links to the appropriate rakeback poker rooms – paying careful attention to follow the instructions we have provided. Once you have done so, you are ready to receive rakeback! Not every room offers this to players, the ones listed above are the best offers around at the moment.

When and at what frequency are my Rakeback stats updated?

Some rooms offer staticics while others do not in some instances, the poker rooms are not always able to provide statistics every day. That being said, a player can still expect to be correctly compensated for their play – even if a delay in updated data exists.

Will I Still Get The Bonuses at a Poker Room if I Receive Rakeback?

Absolutely! Each bonus and additional poker room promotion offered through our Rakeback offers is available while receiving rakeback through i Poker Bonus. In the event there are special conditions (if a poker room deducts a portion of a bonus from rakeback) this is spelled out in advance.

When are Rakeback Payments Made to Me?

Rakeback is provided on a daily, weekley or monthly basis at the site of your choice. Typically, a rakeback player can expect payment during the second week of the month for rake activity generated for the past month’s play. For example, a player who has accumulated $1000 in rakeback entitlement in the month of June can expect to receive their money during the second week of July.

Additional Rakeback Questions

If we have left you with additional questions not covered in the Rake Back FAQ or within the confines of the i Poker Bonus website, feel free to contact me, as we are happy to answer any questions you have on rakeback. Click here to contact us.